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Herbert West (Human characters)

Name: Dr. Herbert West

Age: 28

Faction: None

Race: Human

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5 foot 6

Weight: 175 lbs

Theme: Rize Lazarus Rise - Rufus Rex


Studying in the Miskatonic University, in medicine, Herbert West was firmly grounded in the believe that the human body is nothing more than chemicals and cells, which could be returned from the dead simply by restarting the chemical processes. He was often judged and criticized by his fellow scientists for this belief, and his studies into the matter were suppressed and deemed "inhumane" and "against the natural order." He was angered by this, and took his research elsewhere, developing a syrum that can re-animate the dead. However, the beings he re-animates often become deranged, psychotic, mutated shells of their previous selves. 


West has no abilities save his ability to re-animate the dead, however, this is known to be a dangerous process, as the undead do not see him as a God, or even as a Saviour, simply seeing him as another source of food. 


West is never seen without his lab coat, nor without his glasses. He is often seen with a suitcase of some form, within it being five vials of his syrum, a Colt Single Action Army Revolver, twenty four bullets, and a wallet with normally 75-150 dollars in it.