Today I almost died.

Today I was almost killed by another Afflicted and a Fear. I believe their names are Alyce and Vitium, respectively. They tried attacking me, and I thought I could take at least the other Afflicted. I was wrong. I nearly died several times that battle. I put Eli in harm's way and I almost caused the destruction of the whole clearing.

I let my King and Queen down.

I let Elicia down.

I let myself down.

I let all of Afflicted-kind down.

I learned just how weak I am.

I have the power to become a sandstorm and a collosal beast, but I'm pitiful!

I'm slow. I'm weak to fire and water. I'm made of sand. I cower in the corner while those around me fight and die in my place.

I'm pathetic. But I can be so much stronger. I know I can be stronger. I feel I can be stronger. I need training. I need training from the best people there are.

I know that somewhere out there is an organization that studies and gathers info on beings like me. I know that they are powerful.

So I am asking you, members of the organization known as Black Eden. I beg you.

I will willingly go to you.

You can study me.

You can learn as much about me as you want to learn.

I will work in your favor and for you, so long as my King and Queen are not the subject matter.

But only, please, I beg you, I implore you, to train me.

Make me stronger.

Make me a weapon for you.

I beg you. I only want to be stronger.

My name is the Keeper of Sands. Some call me Sandman. Some call me Eyetaker. Some call me "Jim". I live in a sandbank near the clearing. Come for me. I offer no resistance if you promise not to kill me.

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