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  • My occupation is Fear of Stalkers/serial killers
  • I am Male~ (probably)
  • The Magnolia Killer

    Here's some Dnagan Ronpa Photoshops I made of characters from my upcoming vlog "The Conspiracy Club".

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    So, basically, its this show which takes palce when Bruce is 13. And the main character is homicicde detective James Grodon. It looks badass.

    anyways, let me get to the point.

    Fox has confirmed that a younger version of the joker will appear on the show. If anyone hears anything, let me know! I want to audition for that part!

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    This is my next project I'll work on after I'm done with the Aliceverse. (posted here 'cause FMW is beign a dick with the editing.

    Smiley's backstory is heavilly inspired by the Jeanette Expiriance, his origin story in the main mythos. Inspired by stories of the slenderman, a group of people on an online chatroom (slenderman wiki for the purposes of this series) decided to create their own beign to write stories about. Well, an ancient evil decides to amnifest itself as their creation, and begins to systimaticly kill all of them off one by one. He turns two into servants, however. He ahtes slenderman, as he has an inferiority complex to him (sort of a "notice me, senpai!" type of thing). He likes to kill off slendey's planned victems, and a…

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  • The Magnolia Killer

    SO I had an idea, based on this RP aswell as the blog horsemen, to make an H.P.Lovecraft inspired fear mythos interpretation blog series.

    Here are my ideas so far:

    Wilbur Whateley is a mysterious reserved man attending the Miskatonick University in Arkham, Ma. He spends most of his time reading, generally occult tombs and horror stories. 

    He is the son of  Laviana Whateley, and Yog-Sothoth The Red God due to his mothers involvement in the Blood Cults of Dunwich. Durring one of the cult's blood-letting rituals, she became impregnated by Yog-Sothoth, and gave birth to Wilbur and His brother, The Dunwich Horror.

    He has scarlet hair as a hint at his true liniage.

    One of the Bloggers.

    Herbert West was a medical student at MU, studying the reanimation…

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