--It has arrived to my attention that you all wish to know upon who I truly am--

--Please allow me to state this--

--I assure you...and utterly, solemly, and absolutely truthfully swear to you all that I am no one among you--

--I am none that you know of masquerading as the Slender Man--

--I am no one--

--I am

--I am another Wikia user--

--A user who has grown to love Role Play--

--A user who has achieved allies and close comrades--

--And if I had done any wrong towards you all...I offer my sincerest and deepest apologies--

--Leave me in peace...and leave me to commence what I desire...with permissions from the superiors from this Wikia of course--

--Please...I only ask of you all to witness me as another that means no harm whatsoever--

--And I reckon that you ask if I am truly the Slender Man?--

--You shall all come to realize within time--

--And I shall leave with this answer: It would only frighten you--

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