--This is an Out of Game message--

--Does it not enrage you to unfathomable levels when a certain individual begins to antagonize you, and allows himself to appear as the victim? Yes, it does, truly it does. And that my dear comrades is the disgusting aspect of jealousy itself. Where one performs all within his might to allow the victim be the antagonist, and worse being constantly blamed for an incident that was established by a manipulative and deceitful bastard. So as you can clearly witness, I LOATHE liars with a fiery and deep passion. I am certain some of whom are aware of what I speak of. You may threaten me to your hearts content, and continue to mock I care not. But should you DARE to even think of attempting that towards those I care of, the Hell and torment you have endured throughout your lives will be nothing compared to what I shall do towards you. And I speak not towards my cohorts, I speak towards those who continue to mock me and threaten me. Make no mistake, should you ever attempt to manipulate my friends and cause them despair, you will NOT be seeing the light of day ever again. And you will continue to experience depression and pain upon levels you were not capable of dreaming of--

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