Hello everyone, Shadow here. Since things are progressing rather slowly here on RP Fear, I decided to make a little game. See, I found a Hunger Games simulator online, and I felt like trying it out, which is where you guys come in. I want everyone to volunteer characters for teams to be sent into the Hunger Games. There are twelve Districts, and each District gets two Tributes. You can volunteer your character for any of the Districts, so long as the position has not already been taken. If you want your character to be in the same District as someone else's character, ask that person if they want to team up. Once all the slots are filled, I'll run the sim and we'll see who wins. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


District 1

Tribute: Skyler

Tribute: Dante

District 2

Tribute: Hermannus

Tribute: Vapor

District 3

Tribute: Pytor

Tribute: Virgil

District 4

Tribute: Elincia

Tribute: Scarecrow

District 5

Tribute: Hal

Tribute: Hotsuma

District 6

Tribute: Isaac

Tribute: Raanan

District 7

Tribute: Delilah

Tribute: Arturo

District 8

Tribute: Anomalia

Tribute: Aelita

District 9

Tribute: Mizuki

Tribute: Cheshire

District 10

Tribute: Elizabeth

Tribute: Cam'wethrin Heru

District 11

Tribute: Maxwell

Tribute: Artume

District 12

Tribute: Aaron

Tribute: Liam

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