A pOeM... FoR yoU, PoteNtialS...

At the edge of sleep and waking-                                                                                                                    

At the edge of rationale

Something through the night air stalking

Sets its sights upon you now


You'll never hear its quiet sniffing

You'll freeze when you spy glowing eyes

But you just might feel its coming-

Sense its presence-not in time

It comes for you from darkened corners

From the folds of your own mind

(It) stalked you long from on the borders

of real and mythic

dark and light


Your halfsleep from dreams has called it

(As) scent of blood might call a shark

Half-stirred conscious gives it form now

In the dim light's waxing dark

Now through eyes you blink and mistrust

Catch a glimpse of what now looms

Over your face in bedroom shadows-

Long it waited-present doom


Chosen moment now arrived

it grants no time. No. Pondering's past

Know your first sight seen on waking

Certainly will be your last

Claws of The Rake

Claws of The Rake

You're sleeping prey

And you will feel

Claws of The Rake 

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