Hello all, Lord Dalek here, and me and the other Admins have come to a realization about this wiki. Mostly about the "Godmodding" of the characters. While yes, many characters would be considered Godmodded on other RP sites (Cthulhu, Yog-Sothoth, Slender Man in some cases), they are perfectly suited for this wiki.

Why? Not because the threats are too great, nor is it because of the theme of this wiki involving the Fears. It's because in any supernatural RP, be it with Fears or not, will have the characters evolve in power and strength as they face new threats and new challenges. Sooner or later every character will be immense in powers and can be considered "god-modded". 

However, the cause of the tension, the hate and the stress here is not the characters who are godmodded, the ones who worked as a team to take down threats and grew more powerful because of it. The problem is characters who DIDN'T participate in the RP, despite the fact they could have. These characters did not grow in power, nor did they have any major character development. Then, when faced with the other character who did both, they complained. 

Let's lay down some rules that will be in place from now on. 

1. All characters can die. No exceptions.  

2. No characters can be killed off randomly, there must be a motivation of some form

3. No complaining about Godmodding without consideration as to why the character is power. The King of Fears MUST be powerful, Cthulhu MUST be powerful, ect. 

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