Technology and Magic, the various debates these two have raged for months. In collaborating with Kiba, I feel this blog should be made to finally, once and for all, settle any disputes. 


Magic is manipulating the forces of the universe, and in a larger sense, the omniverse, in order to achieve an effect of some form. This can be to increase the temperatures, summon a being, or other such effects. Many forms of magic are kinetic powers, meaning they directly manipulate the energies of the universe. Other magics are "ritual" based, involving steps as varied as symbols to human sacrifices. 

Magic is a form of energy, abet a largely unknown one, as even it's most skilled users do not know how it works, simply that it does. Magic also has another advantage of taking to resource save energy, meaning that magic users grow tired in user their magic, but in battle the adrenaline in their body reduces that affect until after battle.


Technology is manipulation of matter to achieve an effect, similar to magic, however, it must obey the laws of the universe, such as Relativity and Thermodynamics. Therefore, it is limited in what it can do, but that does not mean it is any less dangerous if used in the right time and place. A bullet can do as much damage as a geokinetic projectile, a flamethrower is much like low-level pyrokinetic powers.

All tech needs a source of power, be it man power or solar, or any form of power that exists (save Magic, that is when the tech becomes a magical device). 

Technology VS magic

Technology cannot replicate the effects of magic, nor can it be, within this RP, what can be reasonable expected to exist within 50 years, without administrative permission. In these rare cases, then the technology may be, at most, within 175 years of what can be reasonably predicted.

Technology cannot affect magical beings such as lovecraftians or their spawn, or any incorperal being. Magic can affect all beings, and all beings can use magic, if they wish to. Also, all beings can use any form of technology, if their body shape accomedates it. 

However, technology cannot be used like magic, nor can it replicate all the effects of magic, and also, all magic must have set maximum powerfuls, based on: Admin choice, training of user, and form of magic. No novice umbramancers bathing the entire world in darkness. 

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