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    Extended Leave

    November 13, 2013 by Königin der Schatten

    Ive been mentioning this for awhile now but im putting this here and now because it seems the most conveniant,tomorrow i wont have time to stop and say bye to anyone until late at night,even then not all of you will be on.

    So ill be gone for three weeks from the 15th of november to the 6th of december.This long break will allow me alot of stress relief and thinking time which i am glad about.


    When I come back I cannot promise I will stay.

    Lately im finding myself unwelcomed here and also just find this all way to stressful to deal with.

    If I do leave it probably wont be forever but it will be for awhile and I will make sure to keep a distant eye on this place in case im needed or something.

    But for now im going to go on holiday,think,re…

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