Haku: Not by choice...
Kiba: *Cracks neck trying to keep self under control*
Jack: I see.
A Puppet?
An unwilling slave to their respective Fear?
Haku: Is that the name you have given us?
Jack: Yes
Haku: Then that's probably the truth
Kiba: *Sniffing air trying to determine which Fear scent I’m getting*
Welcome to the The RP Fear Wiki chat
Nicole: *Looks at Haku* It's best to tell the truth.
Jack: Wow... A Puppet, a Half-Fear, and a Butler
Rayven: [User:Rayven:]
Jack: Sounds like a priest, a nun, and a rabbi joke
Kiba: Shut up Jack
Haku: I am telling the truth...
Jack: *Sees Isaac* Isaac, you’re the chap I was looking for,
Kiba: Wood... *Kneels in front of Haku, black eyes staring at him intently* You smell of wood...
Jack: I need to get to the Isles. Can you do that?
Isaac: Yeah, but this is the last before the price resets.
Jack: Okay.
Haku: *Backs away from Kiba*
Jack: I promise, you get your stuff
What was it again? A sword? *Walks up to Isaac*
Isaac: Yeah. And one like what you have.
Jack: Alright
Let's go.
Haku: *Gets up and starts yelling someone's name*
Kiba: *Looks at Haku, slowly stands up*
Isaac: *Grabs Jack, walks into the shadows and disappears*
Haku: *Walking in circles shouting the same name*
Jack: *Gives Isaac the sword once we are in the Isles*
Now go, go
Isaac: *Takes it, leaves*
Kiba: *Looks at Marcus and Nicole* ...
Nicole: *Looks at feet*
Haku: You there *Looks at Dawn*
Nicole: *Looks up* Y-yes?
Kiba: *Stands close to Dawn*
Nicole: ((NICOLE guys -.-))
Isaac: *Appears in shadows behind Kiba and Nicole*
Marcus: *Walks over to Nicole*
Nicole: What’s wrong?
Haku: Have you seen anyone else that looks exactly like me around here? *Shows face so only Nicole can see* ((Sorry didn’t know your character name))
Nicole: ((check my page)) Hmm... Yes *Smiles*
Rayven: *An arrow made of what seems to be pure black shoots from the far end of the room straight towards Isaac* [I made my page, still working on it.]
Isaac: *Dodges*
Haku: What direction did they go?
Isaac: Anyone see that?
Marcus: *Draws rifle, aims in the direction the arrow came from*
Nicole: *Smiles* That way... *Points south*
Kiba: *Holds Nicole close to me protectively* ...
Nicole: What’s wrong miss?
Haku: Thank y- *Shivers*
Kiba: Nicole... Perhaps we should head inside..
Nicole: Why?
Rayven: *I walk out holding a bow made of the same black material, still holding it in firing position with another arrow at the ready*
Isaac: Ah. That's where it came from.
Marcus: *Aimed at Rayven* Lower your bow.
Haku: *Turns to run and collapses*
Kiba: Because of..*Sighs, kneels to Nicole’s level* Listen... Stay behind me...
Rayven: *Blank face* No.
Nicole: Yes Miss....
Isaac: I suggest you do it.
Kiba: *Stands up and faces Rayven, my aura darkens and claws elongate*
Haku: *Motionless*
Rayven: *Pulls back arrow* Stay back; I don't want to have to shoot anyone.
Isaac: Hang on, you two.
Marcus: You attacked us first.
Kiba: I’ll only attack if you do
Rayven: That arrow was just to get your attention.
Isaac: You only had to ask.
Haku: *Slowly gets up and is looking at the figure with a bow*
Rayven: *Snaps fingers, and the arrow behind Isaac dissipates and retreats back into my hand, where I put it into a black bag hanging from a belt loop on my jeans*
Nicole: Who is she?
Haku has left the chat.
Rayven: *Lowers bow, which dissipates as well, which I also put into the black bag*
Kiba: I am unsure princess... Just stay behind me..*Pats Dawn’s head gently with my clawed hand*
Marcus: *Lowers my rifle*
Rayven: I'm Rayven Walker. My backstory is a story for another time.
Kiba: We weren't asking
Marcus: *Looking at Ray* Why are you here, Miss Walker?
Haku: Bad...
Rayven: If you please, don't call me "miss". I'm only fourteen.
Haku: Deadly...
Marcus: I have a formal tendency, Miss Walker. It comes with being a butler.
Jack: ((Tell that to Jack, you beat the shit out of him))
Isaac: ((lol))
Marcus: ((Jack had it coming.))
Haku: ((Rather lonely... XD))
Rayven: [Hahahaha. XD]
Marcus: ((And it was only one kick. Jack's lucky that was all he got.))
Haku: ((?))
Jack: ((He was sick and wounded))
Marcus: ((Jack is responsible for the death of his godson, Craig. He would kill Jack, if it weren't for the fact that Nicole likes him.))
Haku: ((Ah thanks))
Jack: ((And I piss off EVERYONE :D ))
Marcus: ((Yep. FYI, my character is Nicole's adopted father.))
Rayven: Anyway, my business here is to become a Fear hunter.
Kiba: *Growls*
Rayven: *Shoots Kiba a venomous look that sends stabs of fear down her spine* Watch yourself, Kiba. *Coolly* I wouldn't want to have to act on you.
Kiba: *Snarls, claws elongate and dark aura envelopes me* -Let’s make one thing nice and clear-
Isaac: Hey, calm down you two.
Kiba: -you come after Slender Man and I’ll send you to hell screaming- *Voice echoes*
Rayven: *Blank face*
*Takes out a small handful of the black sand from my pocket*
Kiba: *Draws sword*
Isaac: ((What is with you and the stuff?!))
Marcus: Enough, both of you. We can be civil about this.
Haku: *Sits watching the scene*
Rayven: You mean my Uncle? The first Being of Fear? Hmm. *Sends Kiba a small smirk, before blowing the black sand into her eyes*
Marcus: *A barrier is between you and Kiba, the sand does not reach her*
Kiba: *Smirks*
Rayven: *The sand retreats to me* You're no fun.
Kiba: -My message is clear hunter-
Rayven: [BRB, going shopping.]
Marcus: ((Okay.))
Haku: ((Kay)) *Gets up and starts shouting someone's name again*
Marcus: *Looks at Haku* Why are you doing that?
Haku: Isn't it obvious
Kiba: *My fear powers retract at the Hunters’ departure*
Marcus: Well, Nicole told you the person you seek went south of here.
Haku: I came from the south of here...
Marcus: Then I suppose it was you she saw.
Haku: My point exactly...
Marcus: Now then, who are you trying to find?
Haku: What’s it to you?
Kiba: You are on his property
Marcus: Well, I was considering helping, but if you are going to be rude.
Haku: Hmph. All I can say is he looks exactly like me
Kiba: Watch your tone or I’m sending you back to the wooden girl in pieces
Haku: Then I can get me and him away from it....
As he is my twin and I want to protect him...
((Ummm hello?))
Marcus: ((Hello.))
Haku: ((Oh I thought you all died))
Kiba: ((We have))
Rayven: [Okay, I'm back.]
Nicole: ((Luna walked in with ice cream and cupcakes.... I was away))
Haku: ((Where's mine?)!
Nicole: ((In my stomach))
Haku: (( ;-; ))
Rayven: [Burn.] *Something taps Kiba on the shoulder*
Haku: ((Is RP gonna continue?))
Kiba: *Looks behind me*
Rayven: *Nothing there* Hahahaha.... You're funny.
Nicole: I'm here! *Waves at Kiba*
Rayven: *Tap on the top of your head* I'm up here.
Kiba: *Pats Nicole on the head, keeps her close to me, ignores the tapping*
Haku: Ugh the strange one is back *not Nicole Rayven he means*
Marcus: *Looks at Nicole* How are you feeling, Nicole?
Nicole: *Glares*
I am okay
Haku: Hello little one...
Nicole: Hi there!
Rayven: *A rock gets thrown at Haku*
Isaac: *Catches the rock*
Rayven: I'm weird, but you can't say it as an insult.
Haku: *Looks surprised at the guy defending me*
Rayven: *Appears in front of Kiba* It's not my Uncle I'm after. It's his Fears, and my father's.
Isaac: *Looks down at Craig* Hi.
Kiba: Answer me this, do you intend to harm him in any way?
Rayven: Not unless he harms me first. Otherwise, no.
Haku: *Backs off and drops an arm accidentally * Um hello *Picks up the arm and reattached it *
Kiba: Then we are good for now...
Nicole: Did his arm....
Rayven: *Holds out a hand, extended in truce* Truce?
Kiba: *Shakes Rayven's hand* Truce...
Marcus: Yes, Nicole. His arm fell off.
Haku: Unfortunately...
Nicole: Oh...
Isaac: *Tosses the rock away*
Rayven: *Smiles slightly, but it's not a cocky smirk*
Haku: You see little one I am sort of like half a living doll right now until I can reverse it...
Kiba: *Lets go and pats Nicole’s head* You’re safe for now princess, you can stop hiding behind me.
Rayven: Princess? *Looks behind Kiba at Nicole*
Nicole: Thank you miss!
*Smiles* Yup.
Haku: *Sits down a bit away from the barrier*
Rayven: *Looks up at Kiba questioningly*
Kiba: *Smiles at Rayven as a signal to go along with it*
Nicole: Oh Kiba!
Kiba: *Looks at Nicole* yes?
Nicole: You want to be my first lady?
Kiba: Why of course m'lady~ *Bows slightly*
Nicole: Yay! *Hugs Kiba*
Marcus: *Smiles* Nicole, would you like to be the one to tell Miss Kiba the news?
Kiba: *Chuckles, pats Nicole on head*
Nicole: Oh, oh, Kiba!
Kiba: What is it princess?
Nicole: I am now Marcus's Kid! He has the papers and everything....
Does that make him the King?
Isaac: *Looks at Marcus* It actually went through?
Marcus: Yes, it did.
Kiba: I guess it does *Picks Nicole up* Your daddy~ *Spins around slightly*
Nicole: Weee!
Kiba: *Chuckles, stops*
Rayven: *Smiles slightly, if not kind of sadly, as if longing*
Marcus: *Smiles at seeing Nicole having fun* I am very proud of my daughter.
Haku: *Faces away from them and takes his hood down *
Nicole: *Smiles*
Kiba: *Puts Dawn down gently*
Nicole: *Hugs Kiba* Thank you
Kiba: You’re welcome princess..
Nicole: *Sits down by Kiba*
Haku: *Still facing away from them he pulls some food out and starts eating*
Rayven: *Crosses arms* Heh. You're good with kids. *Frowns slightly* Kids are afraid of me.
Isaac: *Fiddles with hood to make sure it's up right*
Haku: *Puts hood back up*
Kiba: ... I guess I am *Smiles slightly* ... You could say it’s a sudden instinct I’ve been getting. *Ruffles Dawn's hair slightly*
Nicole: *Giggles*
Haku: *Shouting two names this time one of them is the same name as before*
Kiba: Oh princess, that reminds me
Nicole: Yes Kiba?
Kiba: *Takes out a little tiara from my inside pocket and puts it on Dawns head*
Nicole: * Squeals* Thank you!
Kiba: *Chuckles* You’re quite welcome princess
Haku: *A string appears over my head but I don't notice and carry on shouting*
Marcus: *Looks at Haku* There is a string above you.
Isaac: *Looks at Haku*
Rayven: Uhh... Haku?
Nicole: Is he a doll?
Haku: *Can’t hear him*
Rayven: Haku! *Louder*
Haku: How do you know my name and what!?!?
Kiba: *Smile fades* My lady... Stay close to me… Hmm
Isaac: String above you.
Rayven: *Eyes widen slightly* I've always known your name. I've known it since I first came here.
Nicole: *Hides behind Kiba*
Marcus: ((Ray, you don't know any of us. This isn't the old RP.))
Rayven: [I know. This is still a new RP.]
Haku: Hmmm *Looks up and as he does his hood falls revealing his human ((not wooden)) face* Someone help....
I can't move *Freezes*
Rayven: Haku, don't move. I'm gonna cut the string.
Rayven: *The sand from the bag moves to hand, and I grip the materializing black sand scythe in my hands*
Haku: *the string lunges at me followed by more string dragging me off* I DONT WANT TO GO BACK! HELP! *Struggling*
Kiba: *Watches Haku cautiously, standing protectively in front of Nicole* God... This makes so much more sense now...*Sighs*
Rayven: *Swings the blade, cutting the string with ease*
*Holds out the end of the scythe to Haku* Grab this.
Haku: *Reaches for it*
Rayven: *Helps him up, then cuts the remaining string from his back* ... Puppet string.
Isaac: Hm.
Haku: *Can’t get through the barrier to escape*
Kiba: *Shifts nervously*
Rayven: *Looks at Kiba*
Haku: *More string lunges from nowhere*
Rayven: Kiba? Do you know something about this?
Oh, fuck! *Lunges for the strings with scythe*
Marcus: *Holds up a glowing sphere, Haku can now enter*
Kiba: Of course I do...*Picks up Dawn and goes back towards manor*
Haku: *Getting dragged again, couldn't move fast enough*
Isaac: *Runs after Haku*
Haku: Help... Gah... Sleepy...
Marcus: *Places the sphere back in my trenchcoat, draws a knife and runs to Haku, cuts the strings* Get to the estate.
Haku: *Gets up and runs to the estate*
Rayven: *Clearly confused* W-What's going on?!
Marcus: *Haku enters the protection of the barrier*
Haku: *Collapses on the inside* Thanks...
Kiba: *Looks at Haku* ... She won't stop...
Nicole: Who?
Marcus: *Walks back, sheaths my knife* There is a barrier around this estate and the surrounding lawn. Fears and their servants cannot enter, unless I allow them in.
Kiba: The wooden girl will never let her puppet go
Rayven: [What's Rouge's name?]
Marcus: ((Shadow died. my current character is named Marcus Rawlings.))
Haku: I will have to go back at some point...
Marcus: Well, you will be safe so long as you are here.
Rayven: *Taps Marcus on the shoulder, scythe now dissipated and in the black bag* What's going on here? I want some answers.
Haku: I’m grateful *Nods to him as a sign of respect*
Marcus: As I just explained, Miss Walker. There is a barrier around this estate and the surrounding lawn. Fears and their servants cannot enter, unless I allow them in.
Kiba: *Puts Dawn down gently*
Nicole: *Clings to Kiba nervously*
Haku: *Gets up and put my hood back up*
Rayven: *Walks over to Nicole* You okay, kid?
Kiba: *Sighs, places hand on her head, stroking Nicole’s hair gently*
It’s alright... You’re safe here..
Nicole: *Nods*
Isaac: *Looks at the sky* Tonight, Marcus. Tonight, I can end that "problem"
Haku: I’m sorry for scaring you so much little one...
Marcus: Good, Mr. Isaac.
Isaac: And then I can explain.
Marcus: *Nods*
Haku: *Hands Nicole a Little rag doll with a crown and dress on it* Here, you can have this...
Nicole: *Flinches*
Isaac: I've got to prepare, though. *Walks inside* ((brb, 6 mins))
Haku: *Sets it on the floor* Don't worry I mean no harm to any of you *smiles softly*
Kiba: *Leans down to Dawn, nuzzles her gently, purring* Don't worry… Haku is safe princess..
Nicole: Are... Y-y-ou sure?
Marcus: Yes, we are, Nicole.
Kiba: *Nods*
Marcus: I would not have let him in otherwise.
Nicole: *Take doll nervously and hugs it*
Kiba: *Pats Nicole’s head gently*
Haku: *Smiles and looks at Kiba*
Kiba: *Glances at Haku then grunts, laying on my side on the ground*
Jack: ((Back))
Marcus: ((Welcome back.))
Haku: Hmmm I wonder *He mutters*
Nicole: *Curls up next to Kiba*
Jack: ((Thanks))
Kiba: *Wraps arm around Nicole gently, purring quietly from the heat of the sun on me*
Nicole: *Yawns*
Marcus: *Smiles seeing Nicole and Kiba*
Haku: *Turns to Marcus* May I take a look around?
Marcus: Yes, but remember that you are a guest here. Do not go in any doors that are locked or say to stay out.
Kiba: *Closes eyes*
Haku: Will do, I just wanted to see the view from the roof
Isaac: *Appears wearing a black version of my previous armor*
Haku: *Wanders to the roof to take a nap*
Rayven: *Is sitting on the bottom end of my scythe, the blade gently balancing on the roof*
The view's great from up here.
Kiba: *Sleeping in the sun, holding Nicole close*
Nicole: *Sleeping softly*
Haku: Had a hunch it would be
*Speaking to Rayven* You know, you said you are a Hear Hunter....
Rayven: Yes.
Haku: Free me... Please... I can't take it anymore...
Rayven: *Cocks an eyebrow* Free you? How??
Haku: Kill my kidnaper
Rayven: *Hops off of scythe, and holds it right-side up* The Wooden Doll?
Isaac: *Climbs onto roof*
Haku: Yeah that...
She has my brother’s life on the edge of a blade and if I don't do what she orders he dies...
Rayven: I can save your brother.... But I can't kill your tormentor.
Isaac: *Walks to the edge of the roof and sits down, staring into the distance*
Haku: It won't end ‘til she is dead. The wood in my body is spreading *Shows her my arm and shoulder*
Rayven: I'm only someone with minor importance. I'd be nothing up next to her.
Haku: ((Off to bed night guys )) Oh well *Falls asleep on the roof*
Isaac: Not without help... ((Night))
Haku has left the chat.
Isaac: *Looks back at Rayven*
Rayven: *Looks at Jack* I'm only a fourteen year old delinquent that can't do much.
Isaac: ((Where's Jack? I'm Isaac.))
Rayven: [Oops.]
Kiba: *Purring as I sleep*
Isaac: Depends on your powers, and how you use them. *Stands, turns around while still on the edge of the roof*
Jack has left the chat.
Isaac: For example... *Jumps off roof*
*Reappears behind Rayven*
((Wow did things die... Is it getting dark IG?))
Kiba: ((probably))
Isaac: ((Mrrh...)
Rayven: *Turns around to face Isaac*
Isaac: Like that.
Rayven: All my powers do are cause fear and death, and I make a mess where ever I go.
And it's all because of my father.
I'm just like him. The splitting image.
Isaac: ...
Rayven: I mean, just look at me!
I fired a fucking arrow that could have killed you, or at the list made you very sick, just to get your attention!
Isaac: But did it kill me? Did it make me sick? Instant hostility doesn't judge people. Overall actions do. At least for me. *Looks at setting sun*
Rayven: *Looks down* ...
Isaac: Sunset again... *Walks to the edge of the roof*
Marcus: ((Remember that Nicole and Kiba are asleep in the front yard.))
Isaac: ((I'll get them inside))
*Looks back at Rayven* You may want to go inside now.
Rayven: *Looks at Isaac* Nah. I'll be fine.
Isaac: If you say so. *Climbs down, walks over to Kiba and Nicole, nudges Kiba's shoulder* Hey.
Kiba: *Opens one eye, growls slightly*
Nicole: *Groans*
Isaac: *Takes a step back* Kiba, you two need to go inside.
Marcus: *Standing at the front door*
Kiba: *Sits up, picks up Dawn and stands*
Marcus: ((*Nicole.))
Kiba: ((i know -.- ))
Marcus: (( :P ))
Kiba: ((I’m tired and used to it so meeh))
Isaac: ((lol)) *Glances back and forth between Kiba outside the barrier*
Kiba: *Sniffs air, growls wearily and walks inside carrying Nicole*
Isaac: *Watches them go, then walks off*
Marcus: *Opens the door for Kiba and Nicole, walks in after them, closes it behind us*
Kiba: *Walks to Nicole’s room, puts her in bed*
Isaac: *Flashes of light go off in the distance*
Kiba: *Sighs, places Nicole’s tiara on her bedside, kisses her forehead then disappears,*
Rayven has left the chat.
Kiba has left the chat.
Jack: *Sent out of the isles via portal, near the estate, walks to the manor*
Marcus: *In the main hall, watching from the window*
Isaac: *Sound of thunder*
Jack: *Knocks on the door*
Marcus: *Opens the door, looks at Jack with contempt*
Isaac: *Multiple rapid bursts of light*
Jack: Thanks
Marcus: *Glaring, my gaze could melt ice and freeze fire*
Jack: *Sighs*
I have nowhere else to go... My Queen is still pissed at me, so I think it is best for me to stay away from her...
Marcus: I suggest you stay away from me as well, Mr. Carmine.
Jack: Fine.
*Gets up and walks out of the manor*
Marcus: ((That didn't mean leave, it meant don't talk to him while he's around.))
Isaac: *Walks past Jack as he leaves, I enter the manor with a limp and cuts*
Jack: ((Well, he left. He has an apartment in the city anyways)
Marcus: *Looks at Isaac* Is it finished, Mr. Isaac? ((Good. Marcus doesn't have to put up with him.))
Isaac: Yeah. It is. *Faint red mist is around me*
Marcus: Are you alright, Mr. Isaac?
Jack: ((Hey, he still will be around, there is Nikkie, after all))
Marcus: ((I meant to add "as much".))
Isaac: Yeah, I'm fine. Just weary. *Sits down*
Jack: *Sitting outside, on the lawn*
Isaac: So what's with Jack, Marcus?
Marcus: I told him not to bother me.
Isaac: Why?
Marcus: Because I loathe him, remember?
Jack: *Mumbling something, can hear you*
Isaac: Yeah, but up until now you've been alright with him being here. What happened?
Marcus: I have grown tired of feigning tolerance.
Isaac: ...
Jack: *Sighs, gets up from where I am sitting*
I could hear you Marcus... And I understand...
Isaac: *The red mist slowly begins to dissipate*
Jack: *Sighs* I... Dear lord why...
I… Can't believe myself...There is something wrong with me...
Isaac: *Looks at Jack as the rest of the mist disappears*
Jack: *Sits down on a chair, puts face in hands*
Isaac: You okay, Jack?
Jack: No. I am not.
I am blindly loyal to an eldritch abomination that cares for me about as much as dirt, who would think nothing of killing me and I kill in exchange for my own life.
Isaac: ...
Jack: I just want my life back.
Before the plague doctor, before the fears, before blank
Isaac: *Sighs* So do I, Jack. But neither of us can.
Jack: I never wanted to meet Shadow... Or anyone here... Much less KILL him...
Isaac: ...
Jack: And I fucked up my only chance to stop working for blank
Isaac: Not your only chance...
Jack: I had it, I knew I had it...I should have left her to ROT in that castle
Yes, my only chance
She was unable to leave her domain
Isaac: *Looks up at Jack* Jack, there is never just one shot at something.
Jack: I could have left, on a job, thrown my necklace on the ground, and crushed it. Never see that bitch again
Isaac: Jack, look at me.
Listen to what I am about to tell you, okay?
Jack: *Looks at Isaac*
Isaac: “There is only Hitsuzen.”
Nicole has left the chat.
Isaac: Okay? “Only Hitsuzen.” Everything happens for a reason.
Jack: And what reason is there for me to work for a cannibal Jeff the Killer look alike that would kill me for fun?
Isaac: We don't know. Yet.
Jack: I am not a half-Fear, so, having kids is not the reason
Nor is my own safety
What is the bloody reason?
Isaac: We don't know yet. Everything will be revealed in time, I've learned this.
Jack: I killed Marcus's godson, what reason would that have!?
Isaac: ...
Jack: My existence?! What reason?!
Isaac: We. Don't. Know. Yet.
Jack: And. There. Is. No. REASON
Isaac: There is a reason for everything, Jack.
Jack: I just don't know anymore! *On the verge of tears, coughing as well*
Isaac: ...
Jack: *Pulls a gun out, and puts it on my lap*I… I want to die... But... I... I can’t...
Isaac: ...
Jack: *Tears rolling down my cheeks, confused, sad and angry all at once* What can I do?..
Isaac: ...
Isaac: Not what I did...
Jack: Shoot, and end my pain. or stay alive for the sake of Nicole and my family?
Isaac: Who do you care for more? Yourself, or Nicole and your family?
Jack: My family... And Nicole... Hell, Nicole is like family...
Isaac: What would they think if you died?
Jack: They would most likely say they knew something would happen to me, considering I never saw them, my real family...
Nicole... She would cry... And never forgive me, even if I was dead…
Isaac: ...
Jack: I don’t know what to do
Maybe I have the chance to get to heaven?
Marcus: You really can't make up your mind?
Jack: No.
Marcus: A simple solution to this.
Isaac: *Looks at Marcus*
Jack: It's my Queen influence... She is affecting my mind... I don't want to die... For her and Nicole's sake
*Puts hand on my gun, ready for anything Marcus may try* If you are thinking... What I think you are Marcus...
Isaac: *Stands*
Jack: *Grip tightens*
Marcus: Relax, you idiot. I am not going to kill you.
Jack: What are you going to do?
Marcus: Nothing. This will be all up to you.
Simply think of your fondest memories, the happiest times. If they cannot sway you, end it. If the can, you live.
Jack: Okay... *Sits back and thinks*
*Picks up the gun, looks at it, and looks at everyone in the room*
Isaac: *Looks at Jack*
Jack: *Slowly puts the gun back in my pocket* Jack Carmine will live another day, it seems
((You really hoped I would kill Jack, right?))
Marcus: ((Yeah. He doesn't want to see Nicole sad, so he helped out Jack.))
Jack: Marcus... If you hate me so much, why not kick me out of here?
Banish me, never have to see me again?
Marcus: Because, I do not wish to see Nicole saddened. I may hate you, but my love for my daughter outweighs the hatred I feel for you.
Jack: Before Nicole came, why didn't you do that?
Why not when I first came here, when my first words to you were "I killed him"?
Marcus: I believe the term for it was "numb with rage".
Jack: Okay...
Nikkie is... She's like a sister to me...
Marcus: The only reason you are alive is because she thinks of you as a brother.
Jack: I... I suppose so...
Isaac: *Sighs, walks outside*
Marcus: *Walks to the window, thinking*
Jack: *To self* Why did she say yes?
Isaac: *Walks back inside*
Jack: For god's sake why? Is she planning something?
Isaac: Who?
Jack: My queen. I was muttering to myself
Isaac: *Looks at Jack* Whatever she did, just remember what I told you. It got me through very dark times.
Jack: To our marriage... Why did she agree?
Isaac: ...
Nicole has joined the chat.
Marcus: ((Hey Dawn.))
Nicole: ((Hey))
Jack: No reason for her...when I asked, I was shaking out of fear she would get offended and kill me
(Hey Dawn)
Jack: ((Where is Nikkie ATM?))
Nicole: ((Sleepin. Why?))
Jack: ((Just asking)
Nicole: ((Unless you start a ruckus she won’t wake))
Isaac: *Leaves, climbs onto roof*
Jack: ((Jack was shouting before))
Nicole: ((Recently?))
Jack: ((Like, five minutes ago))
Nicole: ((:/ Maybe))
Jack: Marcus... I am so, so, sorry I have had to put you through this...
When I recover from whatever I have... I will leave...
Marcus: *Ignores Jack, still looking out the window*
Jack: *Sighs*
Nicole: ((You just gonna take that Jack!? I thought you were a fighter! Lol))
Marcus: ((Jack is a pushover. :P ))
Nicole: ((Oh snap))
(( :p ))
Marcus: ((Meh.))
Jack: Marcus.
Nicole: (( o.o))
Jack: I will leave you and Nicole alone as soon as I recover.
Marcus: *Still staring out the window, unresponsive*
Jack: ((Yeah, Jack almost shot himself))
Marcus: ((Marcus snapped him out of it, only because he didn't want Nicole to be sad.))

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