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  • Hl115

    No More Files

    January 5, 2015 by Hl115

    Just as the title implies, I am discontinuing the Fear Files, unless there is a request for their prescence. I hope the last few I put up are just nice little reminders of the times before when this place evolved, but also what we hope to avoid in the future. See you all around in the new Fear Universe.


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  • Hl115

    Fear RP File 32

    August 22, 2014 by Hl115

    Vovy: Come on, it’s not that bad
    Jack: My wife. Hiding the fact she recruited an eight year old
    Four years before me.
    Vovy: Ah-hahahahahahaha
    Alyce: Heheheheh
    Jack: Telling me these exact words: You’re the only Anarchist, Jacky boy!
    Vovy: That sounded… Pervy… Eh *Lights cannabis cigarette*
    Mother of God, I was in rehab for 6 months
    Failed 13 times
    Jack: *Takes it from Vovy, crushes it under my foot*
    Vovy: Ah! Why?!
    Jack: Then maybe you need some help with willpower, eh?
    Vovy: Not willpower. Emotions
    *Injects morphine* AAAAAAAH
    Jack: *Takes that and crushes it* DEAR LORD
    Vovy: I’ve got more
    Jack: What is WRONG with you?
    Vovy: Nothing, I just own a DRUG MARKET
    Alyce: Ugh
    Jack: Don't you mean: Everything?
    Vovy: Yeah
    Prossies, drugs, illegal racing, black market.

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  • Hl115

    Fear RP File 31

    August 16, 2014 by Hl115

    Vovy: *Weakly* Wha-
    Sally: *Heals him using all energy*
    Alyce: Got it.
    Jack: Good.
    Vovy: *Gets up, still blood dripping from his mouth*
    Lucien: *Watching*
    Vovy: Thanks. *Goes to Jack and Alyce*
    Sally: *Weakly spoken… Then almost screaming, crying* ... Get out.... Get out, all of you... GET OUT AAAAHHHHHH AHA AAAHHH
    Welcome to the The RP Fear Wiki chat
    Vovy: *Looks at Alyce*
    Jack: *Leaves, grabbing Alyce and dragging her out as well*
    Vovy: And you are?
    Virgil: *Walks out of the room, stops by a window in the main hall*
    Lucien: *Ignores her still lying on the wall*
    Jack: An Anarchist I was not aware of.
    Vovy: *Leaves with Jack*
    Alyce: Hey!
    Vovy: Ah, I’m in pain
    Sally: *Crawls in bed pulling covers over*
    Vovy: At least no more interior bleeding. Wait...

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  • Hl115

    Fear File 30

    May 3, 2014 by Hl115

    Jack: *Opens a portal to where I should meet Joker, steps through to greet him*
    Hello, Joker.
    JOKER: Oh, hi, uh… Jack, was it?
    Jack: Yes, Jack Carmine. Have you met our Queen yet?
    JOKER: ... Yes
    Jack: I am asking, as, well, when I became an Anarchist, I did not meet her, well, when she was not trying to murder me, at least
    *Goes to talk to Joker privately*
    *Gives Joker a revolver* Show me.
    JOKER: *Fires at no particular target, hoping to hit something*
    Jack: You... SUCK *Takes gun back*
    JOKER: What was I supposed to even aim for?
    Jack: *Takes out my journal, throws it up in the air, fires at it six times and hits five of the six times*
    JOKER: *Throws cards at the bullets, they are sliced clean in half before impacting the journal*
    Jack: *The journal is…

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  • Hl115

    Fear File 29

    May 3, 2014 by Hl115

    [For the record, this one had a ton of errors, too. People, Y U NO SPELL?!]
    Scarecrow: *Staring at the Scribe*
    The Scribe: So, please, if you could get her to come here.
    Scarecrow: Kiba... There’s a Proxy here to see you....
    The Scribe: By the way, this comes from another Fear, I do hope you forgive the rudeness of it.
    Kiba: *Sighs, goes over and outside* What do you want?..
    The Scribe: Hello, Kiba, *Bows and hands her a note with the stick and serpent symbol on it*
    Kiba: *Eyes narrow, opens note and reads it*
    The Scribe: -Kiba, hello, as you may have guess, this is the Plague Doctor, Fear of Illness, I will be coming for you, soon.-
    Kiba: ....*Growl* That’s my que to leave and get back to Slendy.
    The Scribe: Or, is it?
    You’re safe in the Manor, you …

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