• Filia Nigrum Luna


    January 5, 2015 by Filia Nigrum Luna

    As some of you may know, with the help of Jared and Soel, as well as many of you, Photo was gracious enough to unban me, and for that I thank not only he, but those who made this possible.

    What a crappy year 2014 was, however I am determined to make 2015 something along the lines of positive. And to start this off I'd like to ask that no mention of my past idiotic mistakes are spoken of, because they are exactly that; the past.

    I am aware of one thing, that particularly Dawn and Adam are sick of my characters affinity with children, but I can assure the pair of you and probably the rest of you that should my character "arc" so to speak be approved, she will not be having children for a looooong loooooooooong time. If at all.

    Another pointer b…

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