I did not ask for his help.

I did not require his help.

I do not why they would want to help me.

Why would they help.....a monster?

A monster who's powers radiates from a darkness that makes Hell itself tremble with fear.

I'm not human, I'm not a Fear, I'm not even a Demon.

I do not know what I am.

What am I really?

Am I some kind of fly swatter?

Destined to swat away evil from the universe?

My former brethern are trapped in eternal torment.

Sometimes I wish to join them.

Since the Rebellion...I was blind...and I was naive..and foolish.

I killed my comrades.

And..nearly killed Rogue.

Damn you Lucifer....damn you.

It was because I was too trusting...too vunerable.

And from that day forth...I changed.

I am no longer the Angel I once was.

I am something else.

I will keep on fighting...

I will keep on protecting...

To my very last breath...

And I won't stop...

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