Thats how this feels.

Most of you will know me..others not,however its not like i give a damn who knows me or not.

You bug me about anything i say and you most likley will have your head on a spike.

You can ask the several other misfortunate individuals who tried.

Anyway,with the piling problems such as:

-Fighting Fears

-Going Over My Uh...Personal Life i dont know if i can call it that

-My Lack of Soul 

-Im Becoming A Monster

-And Battling Bloodlust Which Comes With My "Fear Blood"

-Duties As A Proxy

My life feels like a huge weight is on my shoulders,you know like a brick wall and bricks are added to said wall each day.

At least my lord is around to help...calming me down,making sure im well...i do the same because you know its my duty but..its kind of embarressing to say.

Regardless life just keeps getting more difficult,a new fear is on the board along with the several others which want to devour my soul then throw my corpse into a ditch,i cant blame them really.

Im one hell of a pest.

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