aka Austin Iris Vibrant

  • I live in in the shadows of the city
  • My occupation is to reap the world of unworthy souls
  • I am in love with a beastly man
  • ChubbyBloodyBunny

    weird occurences

    October 30, 2013 by ChubbyBloodyBunny

    as you all know i have a more complex structure of parnoia.

    sometimes i dont even realize if my own hand is touching mine at times. 

    yes i have had that experience of looking at something and not realizing my hand grazing the other and i have jumped because of it.

    and just a moment ago i felt as if my chair was being pulled by someone behind me but there was no one there.

    could have been my own force of motion and i didnt even realize but, there are times i cant even walk into my backroom at myhome with thihnking something is there. The feeling of being watched is really bothering me and i dont like it one bit.

    it seems without the forms of comfort im used to i grow even more anxious of things around me. 

    and yes at times it even feels i cant ev…

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  • ChubbyBloodyBunny

    into the forest

    October 10, 2013 by ChubbyBloodyBunny

    Today i seek what lies in the depths of the forest beyond the city. I have heard legends of dark tales and creatures. I want to seek them out and see if they are true because i believe there are these great forces that are unknown.

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