Tortured soul

Tortured soul

These beings are the souls of the dead, who have been wrongfully convicted of a crime and put to death, or killed because of spousal abuse, child abuse or some other form of abuse (save animal abuse, Tortured Souls are always humans). They look exactly as they did in life, for all eternity, unless killed (in which case they disintegrate into ash and their soul moves on to its final resting place) or injured, in which case they will obtain the scars that injury would inflict to a living person.

 If they were put to death for crimes they didn’t do, they will be bound in chains, the chains representing the crimes they “committed”. The beings who are that form of Tortured Souls will often plea or cry “Help me! Help me!” or “I didn’t do it!”.

Tortured Souls who died because of abuse will have the wounds they bore in life, the wounds looking as if they were freshly inflicted. They will scream in pain at times, as if the wounds are being inflicted. When they kill someone they will often say: “I’m sorry, so, so, sorry!” or some variation thereof.

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