The Wooden Girl is a perverse puppeteer who is the fear of being controlled, abused and manipulated. She is known to be a very cruel and sadistic fear, this being known throughout all Fears, for she takes immense pleasure in the long and painful torture of her victims and sometimes even her own servants.

While it is possible to destroy her physical shape with fire, she can however, easily survive via possession of the person closest to her. After taking control, the poor hosts body will mutate painfully to look more like a creepy marionette.

Her servants are known as Dolls. Most are forced to become her servants, their actions completely against their will, however there are a handful which serve her willingly, the number of willing servants dwindling in numbers.

The Screaming Tower is the Wooden Girl's domain, appearing as a vast and seemingly endless tower wrapped in tattered stringsand ropes, complete with bloodstained cloth, decomposed corpses, skeletons, old ventriloquist puppets hanging from it, and patchwork vultures circling in the skies. Somewhere in the higher floors a mass of frequent loud screaming can be heard, it is unknown which floor, as it is incredibly high up.

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