The University

The University of Damascus (UoD) is an old, large, and prodigious university in Damascus, accepting only the best and the brightest of students to join it's honorable ranks.  It's well-known for it's studies of the occult and seemingly supernatural, having professors and courses devoted to the studies of little-known cults and old tomes used by said cults.

The University has been home to many strange expariments and odd doings in its life, ranging from expiditions to the Arctic to its roles in infamous expariments on human morality. For these reasons, while it is considered among one of the best universities on the planet, few wish to be associated with it, often the university only getting 150-200 applicants per year, most of them being from Damascus itself.

This university boasts in impressive library, with an entire building devoted to the singular purpose of holding the books and tomes within the possession of the university. 

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