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Welcome to the parts of the world you wish you'd never known. Welcome to the shiver down your spine, the cold drip of sweat down your forehead, the shard of ice in your guts. Welcome to the world where every flicker is a threat, every object is a weapon, and every sight is your worst nightmare. Welcome to the place where your sanity is as thin and delicate as a pane of glass, and know that a false move will make it shatter and crumble in your fingers.

Currently, while changes are being made to the wiki, the world is in the state of The Shattering.

Welcome to the world of Fears

The Characters

Required Reading

Link to main Role-Play

The Story Thus Far

You are all bound by the Terms of service, even if you do not read them. Also, if you are here to role-play, read the rules. There is, in addition to the chat, a skype role-play. Please contact an administrator to access it. 

We have a Facebook page.

Role-playing since April 19th, 2013

Latest activity

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