"From the Light We Emerge To Vanquish The Darkness"

"Ot sveta my vykhodim, chtoby pobezhdat' t'ma."

The Order of the Cross is a secret paramilitary organization originally tasked by the Russian government with the protection and security of the country from any and all supernatural threats, though that protection extends around the globe. The Order of the Cross was much more broad in that they combated a large variety of supernatural beings. The Order of the Cross is relatively new, having only been in operation for over 200 years. It was founded by an old Russian orthodox sect whom believed it was their calling to protect both Christianity and society from the forces of darkness.

The Order has a very strict Hierarchy and code of rules, with their leader being known as Vladmiir (or a Vladmiir, unknown if title or name). Their top troops are shown to be armed with high-tech weaponry with gold-lined black iron armor. Their lower-ranking members are said to look like normal members of society, priests and preachers. To be in this society, you must be an ordained priest and take a vow of secrecy and loyalty to the Organization, regardless of what it tasks you with. The insignia is a cross with an Angel embracing it as its wings are wreathing in flames.

The Organization seeks to exterminate all things they deem abominations, and thus are very much so opposed to Fears and similar beings.