The Mother of Snakes is the Fear of serpents, reptiles, and the oneself; being forced to face one's own true nature.
Mother Of Snakes
Her symbol is the mirror, and her eyes peer from every reflective surface. She lives within the truths you don't care to admit, the shames you refuse to contemplate, and the memories that make you shiver in disgust.

The Mother operates on her quarry through intrusive obsessive thoughts. Violating the mind with sudden violent and unorthodox compulsions; heinous acts from rape to murder.

While such contemplations are more common than one would assume, her influence adds a seductive, unknowable, desire to act upon them. Once heeded, Lillims go to work on the Runner. Taking the place of the Mother of Snakes, they torment through guilt and temptation, taunting relentlessly until the runner follows through once more. 

Often deemed Schizophrenic, unfortunate victims have been known to go on and on about auditory and visual hallucinations. Eventually they meet one of two fates: Runners either die, or submit to the Lillims; becoming creatures of impulse, acting upon every arbitrary whim that comes to mind regardless of consequence, no matter how dire. 

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