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The Kudzu is the Fear of being smothered, crushed, or strangled. It exists as an incalculably large mass of plant and fungal matter, interconnected through roots and hyphae. Those who are killed by the Kudzu are usually found in dwellings completely overrun by thick, tendril-like vines, or swinging from the branches of a forest in a noose of plant matter, like some obscure parody of a hanging.

Pinning down the Kudzu as a single being is incredibly difficult. Whenever an attempt at analysis of plant or fungal matter found at the scene of one of the Kudzu's kills is made, it yields the result that any plants involved underwent spontaneous, monstrous growth and then attacked a specific human, crushing them in a matter of hours. At times, roots from the Kudzu are found digging into the person's flesh, turning plants that are otherwise mundane into carnivorous ones. It is common to find the corpse sucked dry of water, yielding bizarre, nightmarish remains.

Like The Empty City, the Kudzu seems to be its own realm, as well as a sentient environment. There are legends of a place that serves as the 'Heart' of the Kudzu, the place where its presence is the strongest. Reaching such a place alive would be impossible, however, as the Kudzu would consume anyone even remotely approaching this heart.

While most of the Kudzu's victims are destroyed slowly, the Kudzu at times turns someone into a "fruit", filling them with its seeds before it releases them. Once they have wandered far enough from the Kudzu, the seeds will germinate inside them, killing them slowly, and spawning a new Kudzu patch using the nutrients from their corpse. Those who know the fate that awaits them if they go too far from the heart of the Kudzu become instead it's involuntary inhabitants, staying within Kudzu-tainted forest. The Kudzu leaves them alone, for the most part. After all, it has forever to grow, and they have only years to die.

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