A being of many names, Known as the RAKE to some, to others, the hunter, to some, the father, but to most, The King of All Beasts. It is the caller of the hunt, it which eats insatiably, who controls beasts of this world and the next, an entity which has plagued the earth as long as there has been flesh to rend and beings to fear It. IT is often known for it's ability to take the living bodies of it's prey and combine their best elements in order to create the perfect hunters.

It is the fear of Brutality, Animosity, and sadism. It has stalked forest and field for centuries, picking it's victims based on the taste of their flesh and the scent of their fear, and over time, has amassed a rather impressive following over time. Beasts and monsters, both human and inhuman, of this world and not, following it's orders and allowing for the beast to spread it's influence across the world. All beings that serve the king of beasts do so out of a mixture of fear and obsession, viewing him as a god to be feared, and always bring it portions of what they catch as to ensure their prolonged health and safety. The Entity can recruit sapient servants via his constant whispering which drive people to madness, these servants are known as Maenads, many of which will begin exhibiting non human traits, especially as the entity begins augmenting their bodies in their sleep. Non human servants range from normal animals, to terrifying amalgamations and alien monsters, the likes of which are not known to this earth.