"All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;"
Wiliam Shakespear, As You Like it.
The Ice Man is the fear of being watched, observed, followed, and most important of all, being recorded. The Ice Man manifests as the silhouette of a man behind a red curtain sitting sideways to all those who look at it, his legs lay crossed as he sits in a dirrectors chair, with a camera in front of him facing towards the left wall. His appearances are often heralded by the sound of a mechanical whirring similar to that of an old film projector, and he rarely communicates dirrectly to his victims, nor does he appear to them willingly. 

The Ice Man's abilities consist of the ability to manipulate reality around his victims through utilizing various film techniques and styles, with the ability to make people appear physicaly smaller or larger than those around them, insert and remove people and objects at will, change the setting and even language, as well as being able to shift the world into various two dimensional art styles, or into claymation. The Ice Man rarely kills anyone perminantly, often killing off one of his victims not long after the recognize him behind the "forth wall", after which they will appeare in a large movie theatre and be asked to take a seat before promptly being served various snacks and refreshments. Physical damage suffered within the film will not return with the victim to the real world, though pain will often presist for days or weeks after the incident. 

Servents of The Ice Man come in three forms, actors, viewers, and talent scouts. Actors manifest as faceless entities in black pants and black turtle necks who will disguise themselves as people who were in the "Shot" when victims were moved into the Ice Man's film, acting as close to them as they can manage and often hitting the uncanny valley through off sounding diaolgue and odd vocal distortion. Viewers appear only within the theatre, appearing as shadowy beings with no facial features beyond one massive eye taking up their entire face and a large grinning mouth they often use to ingest food and drink brought to them by other viewers, they will always focus their gaze upon the vicitim within the film, having expected emotional reactions to what is happening, laughing at what is filmed as a joke, crying at what is filmed as tragedy, and acting shocked at what is filmed to be scary. Talent Scouts seem to be the only human servents of The Ice Man, usually former victims who spent a prolonged time in the film even after noticing the "forth wall" who now attempt to lure people they view as prime "leads" into situations where they will enter The Ice Man's film.