The Dying Man is a Fear  that exists between the states of life and death. It has been torn asunder in the Great Game, and is not one, but many Fears. How this occured is unknown, however, every single Shard of the Dying Man is treated as a seperate Fear, as each and every one seems to behave very, very, different from each other. 

The Dying Man, according to most theories, did not willingly allow himself to be partitioned into multiple Fears, which leads many to theorize that he somehow "broke" the rules of The Great Game. What little is known of the Dying Man's shards as a whole is that they seem to interact with each other as if they had no relations whatsoever, and they often form bonds or alliances, as if they are engaged in a war with each other. Every shard represents an aspect of death or a kind of death. 

The Shards of the Dying Man

The King

The King is the most powerful of the Shards, and he is the Fear of Death of the Mind. Those who are hunted by him slowly degrade, not into insanity as most Fears, but into a state of dementia. They go blind, their hearing weakens. 

Those hunted by the King are often left for dead by other Runner groups, as they are a liability more than anything, due to their sudden and rapid aging of the mind. Oddly, the body is totally unaffected, and oftentimes, these people who are hunted seem totally normal, their body without marks or wrinkles, though their mind is that of a person many decades older. 

The King appears as, what else, a King, though malformed and constantly hacking and coughing, as if sick with some lung disease, in the dreams of those he hunts.

The Queen

The Queen is the Fear of the Death of the Body. Those that she touches become withered, grey, and old. Those that she hunts are constantly plagued by a worry of aging, and when she finds them, all it takes is a single touch can make someone fade away in body, reducing them to dust. 

She appears as a white-haired woman, in the traditional long, black robes of a funeral, tears constantly streaming down her face. 


Also called Genocide or Chaos by some, Cataclysm has no true form. He manifests where mankind's humanity is seemingly gone, in places of warfare or of great tragedy caused by humans. Sometimes appearing as smoke, other times as a bloody human, he incites anger and hatred and murderous rage in all who see him, the Fear of Death through human means.

He can, on occasion, possess a human being and their body, and this human will quickly degenerate into a feral beast in the constant state of rage and hatred. Beyond that, it is unlikely that Cataclysm possesses any other abilities.


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