Dusk Walker Symbol

The insignia all Dusk Walkers bear.

The Dusk Walkers are a group of thieves that operate worldwide, with their base of operations located in Damascus. They are led by a man named Everett, and his second in command, a Strigoi named Camilla. What sets the Dusk Walkers apart from your average pick pocket is their ability to move through shadows as easily as one would walk down a hallway. Additionally, they do not age, and have heightened night vision. These powers are gifted to them by an Astral Being named Artume, who seemingly receives nothing in return, save for their worship. The Dusk Walkers have operated for nearly a thousand years, and boast roughly a hundred members. Members of the Dusk Walkers can be hired to steal from practically anyone, though they have a strict criteria for who they target, and the items they steal.

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