The Den

The Interior of The Den.

The Den is a bar located in central Damascus, about five blocks from St. Micheal's Church. It is a single story bar that is on the larger side, with a fair amount of tables and wall booths one can sit at, as well as seats at the bar. What sets The Den apart from other bars is that it exclusively caters to the supernatural. The bouncer stops all new patrons at the door, and if they prove to be a member of The Public, they are turned away, though due to the amount of non-humans that congregate here, most normal humans instinctively avoid it. The Den is open between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM, meaning it is open all night and closed during the day. The bar is owned and operated by four Werewolves: Joshua, Eddie, Adeline, and Christian Larson.


Joshua Larson: Co-owner of the Den, Joshua acts as the bar's bouncer. A man of Native American descent and standing at a colossal six foot five, he has long black hair kept in a tight braid that stops at his shoulder blades, and golden eyes.

Eddie Larson: Co-owner of the Den and Joshua's younger brother, Eddie serves as the bartender. Also of Native American heritage, he stands at just about six foot, and resembles his sibling greatly, with the same black hair and golden eyes, though his hair is a wavy mass that stops at his shoulders.

Adeline Larson: Joshua's wife, who acts as the cook. A woman of French origin, she is about five foot ten, and has long brunette hair that stops at her shoulder blades, and brown eyes.

Christian Larson: The son of Joshua and Adeline, he works in the kitchen with his mother. His skin tone is a mix of his parent's, and stands just a little shorter than his uncle, Eddie. He has short, spikey black hair and golden eyes.


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