Child of the Cold2

A Child Of The Cold

“Please, mister, can you help me find my mom? We were walking, and I got separated, and now I can’t find her! We were right in those woods, over there.” -A Child of the Cold, luring a victim
Unnaturally pale, the Children of the Cold are the servants of the Cold Boy- lonely children who fell prey to him, frozen yet kept alive. Their skin is cold as ice, pale and blue tinged as if a frozen corpse. Their blood is chilled, the heart pumping slow as it forces it through their frozen veins, and even in the coldest weather, their breath leaves no foggy clouds of warmth- all that remains is the chill, gone deeper than the bones. It’s rare that they have an actual, defined task- for the most part, the Cold Boy leaves them to their own devices, as the loneliness that let him take them drives them to lure in others, in an attempt to ease the loneliness that will never leave them. Rarely will they target someone in specific- they are opportunists in the extreme, going after those they spot who are already alone, and luring them away with some ruse- an offer to play, or needing help finding something that was lost, perhaps. While they are most frequently seen alone, there are occasions when two or more will gather- and in these moments, they most resemble the children they once were, their loneliness ebbing slightly as they are surrounded by others like them. In these moments, they seem the least of a threat- but it is in these moments that they are at their most dangerous, acting as a group to attempt to lure in others. The more there are, the further the temperature will drop- get a large enough group, and just being near them could very well be enough to freeze someone solid. They stick to colder areas- what would be comfortably warm, to a normal child, is, for them, unbearably hot- and, likewise, what would be unbearably hot to others, will leave burns on their flesh, the frozen skin cracking and almost melting under the heat. Fire will send all but the boldest of them fleeing, unwilling to risk the certain, painful death that it would bring.