The Burning Bride is the Fear of Fire,Revenge, and a quiet, burning rage. She is a fiery Fear, making choices

She Emerges

in The Great Game that are much, much, more irrational and spontaneous than any other Fear that has been recorded. 

She is an incorporeal Fear, working her ways through her servants and through the flames and fires of the real world, most of which she is somehow able to observe, and takes great glee in. As far as it is known, The Burning Bride will only appear to a victim as they are dying within the flames of a great fire or from a failed act of vengeance, as a burning woman, and offer them a chance to survive, and complete their revenge.

She is connected with The Brute, who is seen as another Fear of Anger, mainly of pure brute anger caused through war and propaganda, anger that destroys, while she is the Fear of Burning passionate rage, one that burns someone from the inside, building up before it releases on a fiery path of revenge. 

Her Servants are known as the Fireveined, men and women who have been burned so horribly that fire now runs through their very veins, and their minds so shattered by rage and hatred that The Burning Bride was able to quickly work her influence into the broken mind of the victim. 

Though often the idea of a Realm is not given to this being, when it is brought up in discussion, the realm, known as Our Lady of the Immaculate Conflagration, which is almost always described as a massive Cathedral, totally burned to ash, with only the stones and the metal within surviving, all scorched.

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