The Brute

Brutus, Berserker, Cariocecus, Ares, Warmonger, Bloodshedder, Ferratus, Cold Smoke, War, The Minotaur, Smoke In Your Eyes, The Hooded Hangman, The Iemaker, Subject Bravo Romeo, The Ashen Elder, Kemuri Ha
The Brute is the Fear of War, Invasion and Mob Mentality. It was, up until recently, considered dormant, inactive. However, due to the rising turmoil of the Second Great War, The Brute has reawakened. It manifests in our plane of existence as a massive pillar or veil of smoke, sometimes as a humanoid figure in chains with an anvil chained to his back.

The Brute is the cause of riots and wars around the world over resources, religion (caused also in part by The Arch Angel), and other things. Most warlords that exist have had some form of his influence overtake them, and some of them are thought to have been his children. 

The Brute loves to fight, however, it tends to observe wars rather than directly participate. Often, a fight he is witnessing will be over quickly, but have many causalities, on both sides. 

The symbol most often connected with The Brute is The Heretic's Fork, a torture device that would prevent the victim from sleeping when used. It is revealed that the Brute and The Ire are fierce and hateful rivals, since being both Fears of Rage and both will fight their opponents endlessly until they achieve victory.

The Brute and the Ire had once battled for 500 years to a standstill with no apparent winner although the Ire supposedly was the victor in the end.

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