The Librarian, The Bookkeeper, Memoria, The Old Man, Grandfather, Tiresias, The Aged Aged Man, ELDER, Bethsaida, The Freemason of Forgetfulness, Charon, Subject Bravo Mike, The Eyeless Sage, The Blind King, Jack of Shadows, The Unseer, Man Upon the Stairs, Man who Wasn't There,  Timor Oblitus, The Recorder, Fade,  PRE04. 

The Blind Man is the fear of growing old and forgetting. He carries an old book with him where ever he goes. It is said that should he write your name in the book, you forget your entire childhood. He will commonly be seen wearing either sunglasses or a blindfold. If he is not, then he will have empty eye sockets, or simply blank skin in place of eyes.

His servants are called Archivists, and they dedicate themselves with collecting any and all information on the Fears. The Blind Man's domain is known as The Catacombs. The Catacombs consist of an array of underground tunnels. Thousands of books are stored here. The Catacombs are guarded by Blind Man's bone spiders, who weave the silk for the book pages.