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The Blank is a group of individuals all connected by the blank white mask that they wear. It was founded by a girl named Alison Cerice under the pretenses of being a way for people who feel trapped, repressed, or controlled by society and whatnot to be able to shed their metephorical masks and be free to do whatever. 

The blank white mask that they wear is representative of the idea that they are now a blank canvas, and that this is a fresh start for them to live their life the way they want to without having to worry about social stigma and prejudice.

The behaviour of individual members varies drastically, ranging from people just trying to create a new life and identity, all the way to deranged and violent criminals who are in it for the lulz. The group its self, despite having a clear founder and supervisor, doesn't really have any form of heiarchal structure, with any form of organized action being the result of several members voluntarilly co-opperating to achive a goal.

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