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"The goal Blackwell Industries,and the Blackwell Corperation as a whole, is to strive to advance mankind as far as possible. We wish to use our rescources to bennifit the human race, not to take advantage of it. That is why our services are affordable. My father came to this nation with nothing more than the chlothes on his back. He knew what it was like to live in poor conditions. That's why he decided to expand this company from it's roots as a steel mill. He wanted to give everyone the opportunity to live in luxury. He founded this company on the fantasies of the future of the 1950's. And to this day, we strive to amke that future a reality. All in the name of progress. That's what this company stands for. Progress, everywhere."

                                                         -Nathan Blackwell,July 6th 1974.

The Blackwell Corperation is one of the largest  contributers to the advancement of medicinal and technological science in the united states.


The Blackwell Corperation is a large conglomerate company founded by Donald Blackwell, an Irish immigrant, in the late 1950's during the advent of WW2. Beginning as Blackwell Industries, a factory manufacturing steel and weapons for the war cause, it quickly expanded into other areas of research. During these times, Blackwell Industries engaged in several government contracts helping with several top secret projects. 

Towards the end of the cold war, Blackwell Industries suddenly cancelled all government contracts and withdrew entirely from all of it's political affiliations. It was at this time that the corperation, run by Donald Blackwell's son, Nathan Blackwell, began to expand even further. Under Nathan's control, the company began to become known as "The Blackwell Corperation", and expanded it's reach to various other businesses. The original Blackwell Industries became dedicated to developing new technologies, while the recently aquired Anthem Co. was set to reasearch and produce medical advancements.

The Blackwell Corperation bought several other smaller enterprises as well, continuing it's expansion in the business world. In the modern day, The Blackwell Corperation is in the top 15 largest companies in the world, and, while not rpoducing nearly as much technology as apple does on a yearly basis, still manages to put forth a great deal of newer technologies into the market when it can.

It's central headquarters are located in New York City, at the original HQ for Blackwell Industries.


Blackwell Industries

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 The original company that started it all, Blackwell Industries is dedicated to researching and developing new technologies to make life better for the general populace. They are currently the fourth leading competitor in the feild of advanced consumer robotics (though, like the other competitors, almost none of their robots are on the market yet). It's central HQ has been relaocated from the original location in New York (now the centralized HQ for the corperation as a whole), to a remote part of Puerto Rico.

Anthem Co.

Anthem Co. is the Blackwell Corperation's sub-company specialising in medical advancements. It is currently working with some of the top scientists in the medical feild to develop ways to slow down or stop the aging process entirely. It's central headqurters are located in Seattle, WA.

 People of Interest

Donovan Blackwell

Donovan Blackwell is the current CEO of the Blackwell Corperation, and the 3rd generation of the Blackwell family name. He has been known to strive to maintain a good PR image, and as a result, it seems to most that he has little to no actual personaltiy outside of his carefully crafted public image, though many critics have noted that he seems more interested in proffit than progress, a strong contrast to the intersts of his father and grandfather.

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