Black Dog
Haunter, Garm, Nighthound, Grim, Seamus, Black Shuck, Tigris, Harbinger, SEEKER, The Familiar, Gwyllgi, Cerberus, Barghest, Steppenwolf, The Red-Eyed King, The Tear Dog, Grendel, The Hound of Destruction, Subject Bravo Delta, Freybug, Mordred's Bane, Timor Canis, The Ebon Hound, PRE10.
The Black Dog, is the fear of being found, your secrets put out for all to see, and the truths no one should have to know. This fear has an uncanny resemblance of a dog. The Dog appears to stalk, and sometimes kill or attack those bearing large well kept secrets. It will at first mark them with two scars on their face similar to tears. The Black Dog may bring objects related to the secret of its victims as if taunting them. The Black Dog is much rarer to see in comparison other fears.

If the dog is injured it can absorb body parts from nearby humans, either living or dead, to heal itself. The Dog is seen as a ghostly form, made out of black smoke.

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