A succubus

Succubi are beings that are often confused with Demons, though the two races have no actual connection. They are exclusively female, with male beings of a similar nature being called Incubi.

Succubi have the ability to produce pheromones which can bring about feelings of intense lust and desire in almost any and all male beings, only Angels being immune to the effects of the succubus. They are also capable of taking any woman as a vessel, possessing them and controlling their actions. 

Succubi lack the ability to scar, and though that means that some wounds take much, much longer to heal than it would for a human, they can still survive a lot of trauma, being comparable to Phobiums of the Archangel in strength, speed, agility, etc. They may also, at will, hide their more demonic features and make them reappear at will.

Succubi do not feed on normal food, instead, they are capable of draining energy from any male being, often until the being can no longer stand up, or even breath. However, some succubi will actually take beings as husbands, if for nothing more for a cruel joke.

Succubi are infertile, and any reproduction done by this race is done by the Incubi, with human females. 

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