Founded upon a curse invoked over a hundred years ago, these souls are posessed by recurrently malevolent forces which push them beyond the limits of the sound of mind and body.

 Through ritualistic sacrifice, these unfortunates have let into themselves entities far beyond their power which crave destruction and consumption at it's very basest nature. Seeking out victims in the night, posessed Strigoi have been known to kidnap, flay, disembowel, and consume the blood of their human quarry. 

 Often armed solely with cloak and dagger, Strigoi are most dangerous in groups, banding together in ceremonial savagery like covens of witches. They are hive mind-eque within their covenants, and share a bond with their siblings like none other. Preferring to travel and even live in these groups, they remain within constant company of one another.

 Held down by their mortal coils, they are susceptible to attack by any means physical or otherwise. While one on one confrontation is no problem for the counterpart, seeking out a Strigoi in the first place is another thing entirely. Their only defining trait is their completely obsidian glare, everything from the sclera to the iris is an inky abyss. This makes them exceptionally difficult to pinpoint within crowds or even small groups of people, as many have adapted their dress patterns and social habits to accomodate their minor physical oddity, even going so far as to pass them off as special effects contact lenses. 

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