St. Micheal's Church

Saint Micheal's Church of Damascus.

Saint Micheal's Church of Damascus, or simply St. Micheal's, is a relatively small Catholic church located close to the center of Damascus. The church is run by Pastor Alphonse Leandros, as well as three other priests: Zachery Holloway, Zeke Miller, Saul Adams.

On the surface, St. Micheal's is nothing more than your average church that doesn't get many visitors. But for those that are "in the know", it is far more significant. St. Micheal's is considered a "safe zone" for many Runners in Damascus, where they can go to stock up on food and water, supplies, and even have their wounds treated. The church also deals in weapons ranging from simple knives to rifles, as well as a few "eccentric" items.

In the last year, the priests of St. Micheal's have been quick to make it clear to the various Fear Servants and other factions in the area that anyone who is within ten blocks of the church is under their protection. Since St. Micheal's is the primary supplier of food and medical assistance to anyone who needs it, regardless of affiliation, in all of Georgia, their authority is not often tested. On the rare instances where it has been, the ones responsible were quickly dispatched and sent home with bloody clothes and a few broken bones, though the priests seem to keep a "no killing" policy.