The Fear Herald of the Reveler is a satyr known as Puck.

The Satyr are the Servants of The Reveler. They were once mortals who gave in to their darkest instincts and desires, earning them a place in the never-ending decadence of the Bacchanalia. Their bestial nature manifests physically as goats legs and horns, often accompanied by a boisterous and gregarious personality.

As a way of initiating his servants The Reveler will order them to accomplish a heinous and revolting task, offering them in exchange the life of hedonism and pleasure they would do anything to achieve. The Reveler is particularly sadistic, requiring anything from rape to murdering a newborn child, to simply degrading and horrifying things like eating a vat of poisonous spiders. This initiation test often shatters the remaining parts of whatever humanity the satyr has left, ensuring they become the mindless, lusftul temptors that the Reveler needs to further his own power.

It should be noted however that some satyrs, as they age, distance themselves from this primal past and become more civilized, though no less sadistic. Known as Sileni, they are expert strategists and manipulators, serving as the highest caste of satyr society.

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