The Prince of Hell, Satan.

"But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men."

- Matthew 16:23 (King James Version.)

Satan is an extraordinarily powerful Demon, second only to Lucifer himself, and the second in command of Hell's legions. Satan is the Prince of Hell that represents the sin of Wrath. Satan was once a Cherubim in Heaven, and during the Rebellion, he was the first to join Lucifer's side. Unsurprisingly, as he was the second to rebel, he was also the second to be cast out, falling right behind Lucifer. Despite no longer being a Cherubim, he still shares a powerful connection to his former Throne, Leviathan.

Before the Rebellion, Satan was one of the strongest guardians of the Throne of God. It was said that nothing escaped his many eyes, and his wings could carry him with unrivaled speed. While Satan was the first to side with Lucifer, some would be surprised to learn that he initially planned to stay loyal to Heaven. It was only when Leviathan began sewing seeds of doubt in his mind that he considered hearing Lucifer out. After listening to his passionate speeches, Satan joined his side, with Leviathan right behind him.

One could speculate that Satan joining Lucifer's cause is what made so many flock to their side. God's most favored, supported by his strongest Cherubim and Throne, made for an exceedingly powerful trio, and many could not help but cling to their words. When the fighting began, Satan was the first into battle, as Lucifer was still hesitant to kill his fellow Angels. While the exact numbers are unknown, it is estimated that Satan killed nearly three thousand Angels in the Rebellion, possibly the highest body count from both sides, as no one could match his ferocity on the battlefield.

When Satan fell, the eyes on his wings boiled away, his four deformed bird wings merging into two massive bat wings, and his four faces melded into one hideous visage that no mortal could bear looking upon, with two massive horns protruding from his head. His legs retained their ox shape, but his body shifted from that of a lion to a man, his hands ending in large, clawed fingers. Due to the loss of nearly all of his eyes, one could speculate that he is the origin of the term "Blind Rage". Satan's opinion of humanity is one of resentment, coupled with a ravenous hunger.

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