All of these pages MUST be read ot have a basic understanding of the mythos. Also, this is a list of pages that even regulars should check regularly in order to catch the latest updates to the mythos. This page also has links to any page that provides information about this wiki. 

Mythos Concepts

The Fears

Phobiums (Also Faction)

Runners (Also Faction)

Fear Servants (also faction)

Factions in the Mythos

Black Eden

Damascus City Police Department

The Military of the United States of America


Terms of Service (ToS) You are all bound by these rules, other then Swearing, Condescending , both In Game and Out of Game. The two aformentioned rules are only in place Out of Game.

Role-playing rules You are bound to these rules when In-Game

Making a Role-play character A guide to making a Role-playing character