A subclassification of UXP , The PRE system is the designation used by The Panopticon in order to categorize beings that are considered to be "Phobic Presentational Entities"  in order of discovery. What constitutes a PRE is generally agreed upon by Panopticon personel to be "Any creature that seems to be the embodyment of the fears and worries of mankind". 

As that designation can be subjective, the PRE list is constantly being revised and reworked. The following is the list in it's current incarnation:

PRE01:The Plague Doctor    PRE02: The Nightlanders    PRE03: The Blind Man          PRE04:The Wooden Girl
PRE05: The Cold Boy        PRE06:The Choir            PRE07:The Dying Man           PRE08:The Convocation
PRE09:The Empty City       PRE10:The Mother of Snakes PRE11: The Siren              PRE12:The Intrusion
PRE13:The Eye              PRE14:The Grotesque        PRE15:The Quiet               PRE16:The Black Dog
PRE17:The Brute            PRE18:The Burning Bride    PRE19:The King of All Beasts  PRE20:The Man Who Calls Himself Apollo
PRE21:The Masquerade       PRE22:The Pristine         PRE23:The Kudzu               PRE24:Variola Carnalis