A subclassification of UXP , The PRE system is the designation used by The Panopticon in order to categorize beings that are considered to be "Phobic Presentational Entities"  in order of discovery. What constitutes a PRE is generally agreed upon by Panopticon personel to be "Any creature that seems to be the embodyment of the fears and worries of mankind". 

As that designation can be subjective, the PRE list is constantly being revised and reworked. The following is the list in it's current incarnation:

PRE01: The Slender Man  PRE11: Red Cap                  PRE21: The Ire          PRE31: 

PRE02: The Rake         PRE12: The Plague Doctor        PRE22: The Typhoon      PRE32:    
PRE03: The Archangel    PRE13: The Convocation          PRE23: The Siren        PRE33:             
PRE04: The Blind Man    PRE14: EAT                      PRE24: The Pendulum     PRE34:  
PRE05: The Wooden Girl  PRE15: The Dying Man            PRE25: The Virulent     PRE35: 
PRE06: The Empty City   PRE16: The Intrusion            PRE26: The Pitted One   PRE36:  
PRE07: The Choir        PRE17: The Eye                  PRE27: The Grotesque    PRE37:  
PRE08: The Cold Boy     PRE18: The Brute                PRE28: The Screecher    PRE38: 
PRE09: The Nightlanders PRE19: The Quiet                PRE29: The Reveler      PRE39: 

PRE10:The Black Dog     PRE20: The Mother of Snakes     PRE30: The Masquerade    PRE40:

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