1000px-Baskerville Incuse

Mark of The Empty City

Minutemen are psudo-servants of The Empty City. They are humans who swore loyalty to the City, for reasons unknown, and thus they are considered a cult, similar to the Hushed Monks. They are individuals who have the ability to use Doors to travel arround, accessing the Empty City and fear domains. They have a clock tattoo (known as an Incuse) on their chest, which slowly, or quickly, makes one full round.

When the clock runs out, a Minuteman dies and is reborn a Nightlander. It is believed that to become a Minuteman, you are raised as one.

The cult steals children, or according to some, make families for the sole purpose for raising more Minutemen. They undergo rigorous training until the age of 16, when they then gain their Incuse. Unless killed in battle (which many are), most Minutemen do not live past the age of 45, and those who do are considered "Blessed By the City."


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