A Maenad.

Maenads are the names of those who go insane and kill others or/and themselves due to the influence of the Rake. Some of them have been mutilated to the point where they look exactly like the Rake. So it is very difficult to distinguish on which is the one true Rake. Some live and serve the Rake, carrying out murders and other cruel deeds.

Maenads are utterly decentralized, with no commanders nor ranks among them. It is simply known that they do what they believe is the right thing to do, what the will of their Lord (whom they refer to as "The Feral King"). This leads to random murders, mass killings, cults, and other horrors. 

Maenads who are mutilated to look like the Rake have often done such things themselves, and some go so far as to even slice off a hand and replace it with a strange, blade-covered contraption which is used to slice and maim.