An Incubus showing off

The Incubus is the male counterpart to the Succubus. They have all the features of a succubus, the healing factor, strength, the speed, agility. They are extremely intelligent and highly perceptive of the world around them. While often confused for Demons, they are actually a different race. 

Incubi are utter wildcards in their personality, trying much harder than succubi to seduce their targets. One moment, an Incubus will act brooding, dark, mysterious, akin to most "superheroes." Another moment later (and obviously, another target), and they will be comedic, cracking jokes and puns and being the fool of the party. 

Incubi do not subsist on normal food. Like succubi, they are able to drain energy from their victims.

When it comes to combat, the Incubus is trained in the arts of sword and spearplay, and are almost always found fighting with a raiper or longsword or spear of some form. 

Like Succubi, Incubi are capable of making their more demonic features vanish at will, and reappear when needed. 

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