We are sworn to silence.

For we have been touched by the Quiet

We are the Sine Corda and we are without the weight in our hearts.

Everything has its end.

And we will be there.


Doused in silence.

The Hushed Monks are a cult dedicated to serving The Quiet. They are "shrouded in silence" and communicate by reading lips. Their purpose in this world is unknown, be it trying to please the Quiet and stop It from destroying the universe, or attempting to bring that about. They refer to the Quiet as the "End of All Gods," among other lofty titles, and little else is known about their relationship with their God. Rituals and forms of worship are unknown to the outside world.

The Quiet does not care for Its thralls, instead, It acts as though they are nothing whatsoever. The 'will' of the Quiet that they follow is likely not even given by the Quiet, but by the leaders of the cult.