The City of Heaven.

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~Rogue Shadow 43

Heaven is the place where the good and kind of the universe go once they die. It is an endless paradise of splendor and wonder, with rolling hills, lush forests and open seas with plentiful fish. It is said that in Heaven, there is a city, known as the City of God, populated by angels and the souls of the dead who went to Heaven.

The city of God is a massive city, with houses of marble and silver, streets paved with gold and large walls protecting the city, with four gates of pearls and the walls made of diamond, sapphire, emeralds, and topaz, along with many other gemstones. The city also has an incomprehensibly vast building of purest gold and silver and ivory, studded with gems, that serves as a Temple to God himself, in which angels sing eternally in what can only be described as voices of pure beauty, singing praises to God until the end of time.