Elementals, also known as Nymphs and Dryads  (and whatever cultural name exists for nature spirits in a 

The Four Elements

The Elemental Symbol with the Four Elementals in place.

given area), are spirits of nature that exist in the world. There are several kinds, divided into two categories: Material and Non-material Elementals. Material Elementals include such beings as Earth, Fire, and Water Elementals, while Non-material elementals include Air, Light, and Darkness Elementals. 

Elemental Society is incredibly heirarchial, though it is egalitarian, and there have been rulers from most walks of life. They also tend to promote people based on merit, though they, paradoxically, seem to equate status with merit, in many cases. 

Elementals further divide themselves up into Pure and Impure Elementals. While it is uncommon for racism, of a sort, to exist in Elemental society, some Pure Elementals (Water, Fire, Air, Earth, etc.) look down on the so-called "Impure" Elementals (like Light, Darkness, Storm, etc.) despite the only difference being the parentage of the Elemental. 

Elementals can be born in two ways: Born between the mating of two Elementals (Elementals and Humans cannot mate), or they are brought from the Human world and offered (or it is forced upon them) Elementalship, and they vanish from the human world. 

Elementals exist for the sole purpose of hunting down creatures they believe to be abominations, such as the UndeadFear Servants of all forms, and if many manage to group together, even Fears themselves. Groups of Elementals are known as Groves, and almost every city has at least two or three Groves. 

Material Elementals

Fire (Pure)

Fire Elementals, as it states directly in the name, are the Spirits of Fire, and have incredible control over all heat and all forms of fire. They are highly skilled with Pyrokinesis, and are capable of feats of incredible agility and grace, flying through the air like flames. They can, to a more limited extent, control smoke, and can breath smoke without an issue. Many Elementals of this nature, therefore, can be seen with a cigarette in their mouth.

When these Elementals are slain, they almost instantly char, their bodies burning to ash in a matter of seconds. Cases of spontaneous combustion can often be chalked up to Fire Elementals dying in some way or another. They are burned badly by cold of any form, and water can be absolutely devastating to them cold.

Earth (Pure)

Earth Elementals are the Spirits of the Mountain, of the Hill and of the Rock. They are not beings that, as a rule, like to show off, nor do they like moving more than they need to, getting a job done without theatrics, almost the opposite of some Fire Elementals. 

They can manipulate stone and rock, and to a limited extent, sand and dirt. They tend to shy away from the Water Elementals, finding their company grating, and the beings themself very erroding of the spirit. When these Elementals die, their burial custom demands that they be interred within stone, or within a cave. If suspended or above the ground, they grow very weak.

Water (Pure)

Water Elementals are known for their bubbly, happy nature, always and forever gay and joyful. They, however, can within seconds become angry, furious, and attack at people with wave upon wave of insult and physical assault. 

They are skilled users of hydrokinesis and, to an extent, cyrokinesis, manipulating both water and ice to shatter and destroy their foes. They will often kill their enemies slowly, and show a shocking amount of either sadistic desire, or simple amorality when dealing with enemies.

They will grow weak in intense heat.

Air elementals (Pure) 

Air Elementals are known for total unpredictability. They however, have one constant trait: they adore Water Elementals. They are skilled in the manipulation of all gases, and can levitate, fly, and throw people around with gales of wind. 

Desert Elementals (Impure)

The mixture between an Air and Earth Elemental produces these calm beings, masters of sand and wind. They tend to congregate in sandy areas like beaches or deserts. They can manipulate sand and wind, as is implied by their name, and they are deadly allergic to water that contacts their skin. 

Nature Elementals (Impure) 

An Earth and Water Elemental mating produces a child that controls all basic elements: Fire, water, air, and earth, with a limited degree of skill. They can also control trees and plants of all forms, and communicate with animals. They are considered, ironically, one of the "purest" Elementals, due to their direct connection with Nature. 

In urbanized areas, Nature Elementals grow very weak and can even pass out.

Storm Elemental (Impure)

Storm Elementals are furious beings of anger and retribution. They are brutal, thuggish, powerful, angry, and able to sink ships with their furious power. They can manipulate water, wind, and electricity. They are seen as the embodiment of Majesty in the Elemental Culture, as they can wipe out entire fleets with a flick of their wrist, and leave nature undamaged afterwards.

They are born of an Elemental of Water and an Elemental of Air mating. They are considerably weaker inland, however.

Ash Elemental (Impure)

The rarest elemental, perhaps only a bit more common than a Purity Elemental, is the Ash Elemental. They are, in Elemental Society, seen as lowly, due to their connection with sudden destruction and flames. However, they are often on good terms with Fire Elementals, and they are formed by the mating of an Air and Fire Elemental.

However, despite their lowly position, they are often prized by Search-and-Destroy Elemental groups, as they have no thermal signature, and they are only permanently harmed by water, which causes their skin to crack and break apart like ash. Any attempt to harm an Ash Elemental results in the struck part of them becoming ash for several seconds before forming back into flesh.

They have no special kinetic powers, however. Outsiders often envision Ash Elementals being like "ninjas" of the Elemental world.

Immaterial Elementals

Light Elementals (Pure)

The Light Elementals are considered semi-godly by the other elementals, as they believe that they represent everything pure and good with the world. They can make light solidify and form the rays of light into weapons to use against the Darkness that they believe infests the world. 

Darkness Elementals (Pure)

Darkness Elementals are considered one of the greatest Darkness in the world, being corruptions of the pure Elementals. They can take shadow and manipulate it as the Light Elementals do Light, and they often form the centre of groups related to the destruction of the Elementals. They currently have a begrudging allience with the Fire Elementals, as they both have a hidden common goal of making the world decay. Fire Elementals adore forest fires, and seeing the world grow dry is pleasurable to many, while Darkness Elementals benefit from the smoke and ash caused by such fires. 

Madness Elementals (Impure)

Madness Elementals are the rarest form of Elemental, born of Darkness and nature, and they are the most hated of all. They are representations of sudden chaos, of darkness and of destruction. They are respresenations of everything that the Elementals believe is wrong and immoral. 

They (generally) have no abilities, instead, the abilities of the Madness Elementals shift on a random basis. From one moment to the next, they can manipulate fire, to water, to air, to sand, and so on. Oftentimes, the ability is very exact and very random. 

However, Madness Elementals, once they reach the (for them) rare age of 350, can often master several kinetic powers, along with the one ever-changing kinetic ability. They are born of a Darkness and Fire Elemental. 

Purity Elementals (Impure)

The Purity Elemental is the Antithesis to the Madness Elemental. They are capable of existing in two forms; a shimmering light in a somewhat human shape, or, a normal human form. They are capable of "clensing" people and beings of "impurity." That, however, is how they phrase is. Too little is known about Purity Elementals to understand exactly what their powers are. Only three or four exist on the entire earth. 

Elementals (Misc Information)

Elemental society is explained in great detail in this page: Elemental Culture.

Impure Elementals are formed, as one can guess, through the mating of two Pure Elementals. Any two Pure Elementals which do not result in a combination have a 50/50 chance of the child being either one of the Pure Elementals, and the Impure Elementals mating gives the same result. An Impure and Pure elemental mating always results in the Pure Elemental being born.

Elementals are immortal, but can be killed through violent means.  

All Elementals (excluding Purity Elementals) have the same muscle mass, bone density, and can fall victim to the same illnesses. 

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