A Drone

An example of a Drone

Drones are the servants of the Intrusion and appear to be humans with insectoid-like features and some to even be insects entirely. The more insect they appear the longer the infection from the Intrusion takes its effect. The Drones posses superhuman strength, able to lift a car and throw it a good distance away, they can easily tear a human in half and devour them completely, their mandibles are strong enough to cut through walls and possibly steel as well. They are impeccably loyal to the Intrusion as any drone would be to their Queen. 

They all have natural exo-skeletal armor and mandibles capable of biting through sheet steel. They also possess claws, preternatural senses and the ability to produce clicking noises in excess of 90 decibles. 

Drones live in the massive caverns of The Hive.

Bugs under skin

A Drone in the making