A Doppelgänger is a being (or group of beings) of unknown origin and unknown motives. It is suspected that they (or it) are (is) a supernatural form of humanoid parasites, feeding off of the auras of humans. Regardless of their motives, they all act in a similar way. Doppelgängers are able to take the shape of any living being, much like the Pharisee. When they do this, they replicate everything about the person, save their eye color, which becomes either a solid black, or a pale, dead grey. 

When a being is stalked by a Doppelgänger, they may see replicas of themselves within the corner of their eyes, as if looking at themselves. In some cases the Doppelgänger may act as an omen, predicting, often with harrowing accuracy, the fate of a person, often ending with the death of that person. It is thought that some once-powerful God of Lies, perhaps the Pharisee (though the later is a Fear), created this race to be indirect servants.

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